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Story Vision Inline Skates


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In times of old it was told. That one day there would be a pair of skates like never before. That day has come, because with Story Vision the ancient vision has to pass.Story Vision is a pair of high-quality inline roller skates. They are for all adults who want roller skates for a bit of everything, both in the form of short trips, smaller jumps and easier kinds of roller skating tricks.To start with, there is a bit to mention about the blade for Story Vision. The blade is made of the metal aluminum. This lightweight material strengthens the entire construction of the roller skates, and gives you a rigid, durable and a faster acceleration.The boot for these inline roller skates is made of a combination of materials. For a high level of comfort and breathability for the feet, the boot consists of textile and soft foam. As a protective layer that gathers the boot into a stronger form, there is a construction of hard plastic at the toe and up along from the heel to the ankle.There are 4 wheels and they all have the size 84 mm, with a wheel hardness of 84 A and ball bearings of ABEC-7. In short, it means that the wheels roll quickly and are easy to control by maneuvering and turning.Story Vision has seen the both of you out together, skating away the days as if you were made for each other. Is it not the time to make this vision your reality?

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