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Story Youngster Kids Roller Skates


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Story Youngster is a pair of freeride side by side roller skates for kids. The design is the classic retro look with wheels set side by side, which makes them ideal for beginners and a joyride for an experienced rider. The roller skates are versatile and can be used for a bit of everything in the streets and skateparks.The boot consists of a strong High Impact PP, which strengthens the roller skate and provides a great support for the foot. And with a soft textile inside the boot, you get high comfort on all your roller skate trips around the city.These side by side roller skates have wheels in the size 54 mm with a hardness of 80 A and ABEC-9 ball bearings. All of these features contribute to a pair of fast riding roller skates that are easy to steer and roll comfortably over bumps.The blade for Story Youngster is made of PP, which is a hard plastic material. In addition, PP is also ultra light and therefore gives your child a really light roller skate for several hours of fun.If your child lacks a pair of cool and versatile roller skates, then they will surely love Story Youngster on their upcoming roller skating adventures.

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